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Do as many tests and trackings as you want for each client.
There is no monthly subscription fee.

  • Europe: €12.00 per client entered
  • USA and all other regions: $18.00 per client entered

Invoicing, billing and payment are handled by trusted services :, and
The billing cycle is monthly. Your usage is gathered from the first to the last of the month, and you will receive your invoice monthly between the 2nd and the 5th of the next month.
We request you to initiate payment preferably by credit card within two weeks after receiving the invoice per email.
Late/Non- payment may effect closure of your account.
Invoices are sent via Email from - please make sure this does not go to spam.

Billable Items
We bill the setup of a client as one usage. Use Symptomtracking and QIKtest analysis as often as you require for this client.

V.A.T. / Sales Tax / Umsatzsteuer
Any applicable sales tax will be added to your invoice.

  • Germany : Sales tax applicable 19%
  • Europe: Sales tax applicable or Reverse Charge
  • World: USA and the rest of the world - no sales tax or the sales tax required by your country.


  • Short QIKtests - upload and report generation
  • First three clients you set up as a new customer
  • Reviewing any existing report

T.O.V.A. per uploaded test:

  • Europe: €6.00
  • USA and all other regions: $8.00

Exchange Rate:

  • 1.190 U.S. Dollars for one Euro
  • 0.840 Euros for one U.S. Dollar
  • Last updated on 2017-DEC-1

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